Real People - People Performance Management with QPR

16.12.2015 - 08:55

Real People - People Performance Management with QPR

South African Real People is a specialist credit provider offering a product suite consisting of personal finance, insurance, housing, educational and cellular products. It was lacking a system to effectively monitor and measure its sales force. They were lacking visibility on how they were measured and had no insight in terms of how their incentive earnings were calculated. This led to a very dysfunctional environment with a lot of uncertainty, high inefficiencies, and stuff turnover which very costly to the company.

The solution was an implementation of automated Performance Management System based on QPR Metrics performance management software consisting of individual scorecards, dashboards, strategy maps allowing also to calculate and display incentive earnings on a daily basis. The system also enables Real People to drive strategic objectives more effectively and ensure alignment of goals throughout the organization.

Within the first six months after the implementation sales volumes and sales efficiencies increased. Employees became much more motivated as they had now a clear road map in the terms what needs to be achieved on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Voice and subtitles: English.

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