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XML import

Hi,do someone have experience with export and import XML from QPR designer? I try it in Excel and Access, but i cant import xml file back to QPR designer.I would like to know how i can edit XML, but not in "notepad". I will like to prefer Excel, Access or another "table" editor.thanks for answers.


Hi Adam,

Yes, the XML can be used for updating existing element and creating the new ones. However the format (Schema) of XML must remain as specified. You can find more information from our Developers Guide about the format e.g. from:


I'm not familiar how to use e.g. Excel with out XML - I did try out opening the exported file and it creates some sort of table format! In principle for creating new elements you would need to copy the whole structure of one element and then edit values (also ensure that ID's of elements are unique).

I think better way of editing the XML directly is by using some dedicated XML editor.

Then another possibility for editing model elements on Excel is to create QPR API Script that exports/imports model (or part of the model) directly to Excel!


Thanks for your answer. Could you send me a real example of QPR API Script , so I can test if it works and it is the way I want to go, or link how to create QPR API Script.thank you very much