What is QPR Modeling Client? Only for processes?

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What is QPR Modeling Client? Only for processes?

In QPR Modeling Client User´s Guide Version 2015.1.0 we say:

"What is QPR Modeling Client

QPR Modeling Client is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for business process modeling and analyzing. QPR Modeling Client is the result of combining both academic and practical experience in business process modeling, analyzing and software development. This software has been developed in co-operation with many companies and research institutes to guarantee its usefulness and usability in modeling and analyzing all kinds of business processes.

QPR Modeling Client helps you:·to identify business processes in your organization

·to model processes easily

·to analyze processes efficiently

·to fully optimize processes by simulation

·to improve processes rationally

QPR Modeling Client is your tool, if you want to develop your organization's operation and achieve fast improvements with concrete results."

Shouldn´t we elaborate more about the possibility to model the whole EA, not only processes?

I fully agree. The topic text should contain similar information to what we use for marketing EA and PD. If such a text is provided, it's a small task to update the text to the user's guide.