Using QPR Metrics >> Scorecard >> Reports

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Using QPR Metrics >> Scorecard >> Reports

Hi all,

I want to use the reporting features of QPR Metrics which is in Scorecard >> Reports tab. There is not enough information in help topics. I want to know what kind of file types does it support and how it works?  Can I create custom reports in SQL Server (*.rdl, *.rdlc) and then use it in?

I appriciate any advice.


The reporting functionality is a way to distribute various kinds of files via QPR Portal. You can add the files in the Report Navigator in QPR Metrics client. It basically supports any file type, but QPR Portal doesn't have any special handling for displaying the actual reports. Depending on your web browser settings and plugins, some file types may of course be displayed directly in the web browser. The Reports view in QPR Portal is global, i.e. not model-related like the other content under the Scorecards tab.

There are also more recent reporting solutions available, such as Word Reports.

Hi everyone, thanks for the add to the group. would really want to know how to communicate the product knowledge in the simplest form and in a lay man's understanding, thanks.