User Management - feature proposal

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User Management - feature proposal

Anyone else agree this would be handy?

In larger environments groups are frequently used. UM currently shows user ids belonging to the group, or full name in detailed view. 
Would be nice if it also shows email addresses of group members, as a list which can be copied to email program.

...Maybe even <Send mail> button in Group Properties window?


With 2016.1 release there will be Web Service API for UM users and groups. This will make possible to create WS based reports or even applications.

For UMS client there will be no further feature development.


We would like to see much more user related features in the portal, such as user streams based on user groups that are related to diagrams or elements. Basically a user centric approach enabling users and usergroups to decide what they want to see, and be actively informed or involved in managing processes around model content

Using WS it's currently possible to query users and groups. E.g. following query returns all users belonging to Admistrators group:


When adding "email" as an attribute, a list of user email addresses is returned.

What new there will be in QPR 2016.1 regarding Web Service API for UM users and groups? Possibility to create users and edit attributes...?

Same operations are supported as with Foundation server client: 

-create/delete users and groups

-attach/detach users to groups

-edit all user attributes (also licenses & permission levels)

This is excellent as it enables for example following use cases:

  • implement the whole UMS client functionality in QPR Portal
  • workflows that operate user rights, such as workflows for granting user access
  • fully customized user rights syncronization between other systems, like AD/LDAP

Now when all edit operations will be supported, I was wondering, that currently not even all read operations are supported. These are:

  • It's not possible to read status of Inherit licenses from groups checkbox.
  • It's not possible to distinguish, which one of the QPR EnterpriseArchitect or QPR ProcessDesigner lisences checkbox is checked.

At least I haven't found a way to get this information using WS. Has this matter been considered?

Inherit licenses status is  read/write.
EA/PD licenses are distinguished and read/write.

Would it be possible in QPR version 2014, to make different authorization groups and roles, so that processes belonging to a certain group (department) can be visualized in the portal only by group members?