Usage of Metrics OLAP import?

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Usage of Metrics OLAP import?

QPR Metrics have rather old feature for importing measure values from OLAP providers:

The technology behind this is MS OleDB for OLAP that is becoming obsolete with the latest databases. So we have released QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform add-on feature that can be also connected to OLAP data sources.

So the question for all customers and partners is that is someone still using the current Metrics OLAP Import functionality? If so could you consider to change to use IntegrationPlatform?

Please reply to this thread or directly to me by email.

Hi Kari, what's the deadline for replies and making the decision? We were wondering if there's enough time to include the question also in the next Partner Bulletin.

Is 11.12.2015 enough for you?

Hi Christian,

Are you refering to MS Tabular Modeling (SSAS)? -

At the moment there are no plans to add any new functionality to Metrics measure value import (we have now SQL + Web Service API). However the IntegrationPlatform is totally different story and it will be developed further.

Hi Kari

Yes I was referring to the Tabular modelling in SSAS as opposed to OLAP.We have Tabular instances running at a couple of clients and it's a highly effective - in memory - query solution.

Since we can already do MDX I was just wondering if DAX (the query language in Tabular) was on the roadmap.