The U.S. patent and trademark office has granted QPR Software a patent

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The U.S. patent and trademark office has granted QPR Software a patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent to a technology developed by QPR Software. The patented technology utilizes event instance data obtained from information management systems, and helps organizations to analyze and develop their business processes. The patent supports the sales of QPR ProcessAnalyzer software and QPR process intelligence consulting as well as opens a new opportunity to OEM business.

“This patent is a recognition to our innovativeness and profound know-how in operational development. It creates a stronger base for us to continue to deliver process analysis software and services to our customers and opens an opportunity to a new kind of partnership business. We actively investigate possibilities to expand our business by selling this new technology to other vendors’ platforms. This would substantially speed up building the customer base and achieving the customer benefits”, says Mr. Jari Jaakkola, the Chief Executive Officer at QPR Software.

The QPR ProcessAnalyzer software automatically generates real-life process flowcharts based on event instance data extracted from IT systems, instead of manually modeling them. QPR has developed the technology since 2009 and launched the QPR ProcessAnalyzer software based on it in 2011. 

The business owners and process developers can target development initiatives precisely by knowing the true performance and bottlenecks of their processes which leads to substantial cost savings.  The technology has been used with great success for developing e.g. our customers’ production, logistics, sales, customer care and human resource processes.

“The global automated process analysis market is a new, rapidly growing market. This patent strengthens our position as one of its key players. We expect the market to develop first in Europe and in the United Sates. As the largest software market in the world, the United States is also important for selling technology to other vendors’ platforms. Due to this we have applied and will continue to apply patents in the United States”, Mr. Jaakkola continues.

QPR Software continues to invest in developing new innovations and the policy of actively protecting them. In addition to the now obtained patent, QPR Software has several active patent applications in the United States concerning technologies developed by the Company and relating to the use of event instance data in the automated process data analysis.