Upgrade to QPR Metrics 2015.1

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Upgrade to QPR Metrics 2015.1

Hi there;

We are planning to upgrade our QPR Metrics installation to ver. 2015 this week. Also the new installation will be on another server for some performance upgrade reasons.

  Do I need a new license key , as we have to migrate our current settings to the new server little by little and the current server needs to be up and running until the new installation and configuration ends. Then we delete the previous installation, this process may last about two weeks.

  I appreciate any guide to do this, or giving some advice from same experiences of the other customers.

Hi Vaheeds,

Noticed this too late, but for future reference, the old key will continue to work for a while after the new key has been issued. The length is usually a couple of weeks, but if required, can be extended upon request.

Good news! thank you for reply.