Unable to run word report

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Unable to run word report

Good day,

I am unable to run any word report. Please see error message from the logfile below:

09:31:59    9001    03/18/16    UMS Client    Error    ID:11228    Authentication failed (User:qprscript, NT Domain: , Product: 4, Flags: 96) Error codes:09:31:59    9002    03/18/16    UMS Client    Error    ID:11228    AM_QPR: User not found09:31:59    9003    03/18/16    UMS Client    Error    ID:11228    AM_NT: NT connection or information not available09:31:59    9003    03/18/16    UMS Client    Error    ID:11228    AM_LDAP: LDAP authentication not enabled.09:31:59    9596    03/18/16    Was Core    Error    ID:11228    EQPRException: iAuthenticate    Unable to create session for user: qprscript


It seems based on the error message that the Word reports you are trying to generate presume that there is a system administrator user account named qprscript in the QPR User Management, and that such an account does not currently exist. This issue should be removed after you create such an account via the QPR User Management client. Beside having administrator rights, the account should have licenses enabled for at least "Metrics User" and "QPR Modeling Viewer".

I have done that. I got a new error message


09:43:15    6424    03/21/16    Was Core    Error    ID:6256    EQPRException: iQueryPrepare    Unable to find session with id: Ue6WPmORT8JeoZtNbpgLng09:43:16    1398    03/21/16    Was Core    Error    ID:6256    WS:    ExceptionCatcher<T>    Exception occurred in CoreService.GetAttributeAsString. Message: System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Qpr.WebServices.BaseInterface.QprException]: Unable to find session with id: Ue6WPmORT8JeoZtNbpgLng (Fault Detail is equal to Qpr.WebServices.BaseInterface.QprException).   at Qpr.WebServices.WasCoreInterface.HandleWasResult(ErrorCode errorCode, Nullable`1 result)   at Qpr.WebServices.WasCoreInterface.QueryPrepare(String sessionId, String options)   at Qpr.WebServices.Query.Manager.GetAttributeAsString(String sessionId, String objectId, String attribute, String options)   at Qpr.Utils.ExceptionHandlers.ExceptionCatcher[T](String functionName, Func`1 func, Boolean reThrow)


Unfortunately the new error message itself does not give much clues on what may be the further issue.

Are you generating the report in AfMo, using the Word report generation functonality within the QPR Portal, or using the Dynamic Word Reporting add-in? (The log file snippets seem consistent with any of these.)

If you are using Dynamic Word Reporting, please post to https://community.qpr.com/topic/dynamic-word-reports-dwr-accelerator-discussion ,where your question will be noticed by those well versed in DWR-specific issue.

If you are using AfMO or the Word report generation within the QPR Portal, then QPR CustomerCare has the best expertise to assist you in solving the issue.