Too long url Bookmark adress

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Too long url Bookmark adress

Hi,i need help with long url adress. When i want to get Bookmark url from QPR viewer, I get url more them 255 characters. If i want to use as hyperling in Sharepoint or in MS Office 2017, i get warning message "url is too long". Do you know how to get short url?I try to use, this Google: shortlink has been disabled. It was found to be violating our Terms of Service.

Example of our bookmark url (278 charakters):*xlink&VTN=flowchart&SID=iOC0O7afk7waLIGssVmj7G8NmnQ69y97jOXe50r3ogkeMY8Ys.9u53&LAN=en%2c1&SMI=&PERIOD=latestforall&PMAIN=processes&PSUB=PGPLUGIN_processmaps&PPRM=MODELID%3D165850081%3F3_0_165850081_1827859317

thanks for help


I see three different ways to work around this:

1. Set up a manual URL redirection in IIS on the machine where the SharePoint is running. Of course, you would probably need to do a separate redirection for each overlength URL.

2. Set up your own URL shortening service in IIS on the machine where the SharePoint is running. I haven't checked, but I assume there could be ready made solutions for this.

3. Use some other external URL shortening service. I wouldn't recommend this, as it's a potential security risk.

This problem is very familiar especially with Sharepoint. We have solved it using a javascript redirection page stored in the QPR server. The page is easy to set, but of course all long url's require a separate page. Instructions for setting up can be found here:

Sorry I forgot to mention, that the material is currently published only for QPR's partners. I sent the material to your personal email.

The core of the solution is the redirect html page, which code is below:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <script type="text/javascript">
      function doRedirection(){
        window.location = "URL_HERE";
  <body onload="doRedirection();">

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