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show the quarter as <PeriodName>


in the dashboard I want to show the period that I am reffering to.

I have KPI's that are monthly... for them it is easy to show the period by selecting the TAG <PeriodName> like 3/2017 (m/yyyy).

But other KPI's are shown quartely. How to show this period like Q 1/2017 (q/yyyy)?

Thanks in advance for your help


Hello Nathalie,

The <PeriodName> tag uses the period level of the shown KPI, so if the element has Quarter as period level, it should show a quarterly period. What do you get now if you try to use the <PeriodName> tage for the quarterly KPI?

Hello Anniina,

I already supposed that the period level is linked to the KPI. We have a perspective with Quarter as period but if I add a "period" text box it still shows the month in the client, but in the web app it is shown correctly!?

Can I post pictures here?

Thanks for your help!


Hey Nathalie,

We will investigate this issue and get back to you ASAP

Hey Nathalie,

We have replicated this issue and our development team is currently investigating this issue.

This issue occurs only in QPR Metrics and it is working correctly in the QPR Portal.

Thank you very much, I will eait for your investigation results!