Setting User Rights in QPR Metrics 2017.1

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Setting User Rights in QPR Metrics 2017.1

I'm having challenges settings rights for users in Metrics 2017.1. I have 2 categories of users to be granted rights to QPR Portal as described in the scenario given below:

  1. ALL users must have View right to the model and all its contents;
  2. A few users (Supervisors) will have Update right to specific Scorecards of the model (with View right to the rest Scorecards);

Can someone help with hints on how to define these permissions in Metrics 2017.1?


By right-clicking the specific scorecard in the Scorecard Navigator and then selecting User Rights from the appearing drop down menu you can define user rights specific for the scorecard. Select those users who need to get the Update rights and then select the Update below the Access level section.