Servicetester problem using IWA

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Servicetester problem using IWA

Dear All,

I have a new installation of QPR Suite 2015.1.1.33655.QPR Metrics works fine, portal is reachable too. Now I try to set up Office Addin (WebServices) using Integrated Windows Authentication.I went through the configuration files, settings of QPR, IIS, and webservices. Setting up using non IWA configuration, servicetester works fine.Than I changed settings to use IWA, but I ran into this message: Exception occured while processing request: undefined

What else should I set to use IWA?


Where is that error message appearing, in servicetester or in the Office Addin? Did you switch webservices to use the IWA version of the web.config file?

The error message appears in servicetester, after I click on the checkbox: "Use sinle sign-on" at Authentication, than QueryObjects -> QueryObjects or QueryObjectsAsXml.

Yes, I changed web.config to IWA version here:

\Program Files\QPR Software Plc\QPR 2015.1 Servers\WebServices


Do you have the IWACGIBinaryHost setting defined in QPR_Servers.ini?

No, this setting is empty now. I will change it, thanks.

YES! That's the one was missing.

Thank you again!

Good to hear it's working now, you're welcome :)