Scorecards collapsing after editing value in each element

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Scorecards collapsing after editing value in each element


We are experiencing a problem with editing values.  We have many action plans on our QPR 2017.1, each with many individual action elements that have to be updated quarterly.  In the Portal in Navigator view, we expand the action plan then edit and submit the value for the first action.  As soon as we have submitted it, the whole scorecard then collapses.  We then have to expand the scorecard again before we can go to the next element to be edited.  When there are many elements in a scorecard, it is very frustrating to have to re-expand the scorecard every time and so it takes much longer to update a scorecard than it should.  

Is there anything that can be done to stop it from doing this please?




Thank you for reporting this issue. As you have discussed with Customer Care, this issue occurs when submitting data via the details pane. This leads into the expand/collapse state of the navigator view being reset when the navigator is refreshed in the background. We are targeting a fix for this to the next release, and will let you know if we find any workarounds meanwhile.

Br. Teemu