RACI matrix

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RACI matrix

Would someone happen to have tips or instructions for how QPR EA/PD can be configured to produce a RACI matrix view such as the one below:




Basically, use two different types of elements for the rows and columns, and an enumerated custom attribute type added to one of the element types.
1. Create an enumerated custom attribute type named "RACI", and add any wanted/possible RACI combinations there (e.g. R, A, RA, CI etc.).
2. Add the custom attribute type to an Activity element.
3. Create an Activity element called "Applications Development" and for example a Decision element called "Business Acceptance Criteria".
4. Create a new Matrix view with "Custom attribute type" and the "RACI" Attribute type selected on the General tab.
5. For rows, choose the Activity process step type, and as Row attributes use only "Name".
6. For columns, choose the Decision process step type. and as Cow attributes use only "Name".

Now you can click on the Matrix cell to select the enumerated value for the Applications Development element.