QPR UI automatic refresh

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QPR UI automatic refresh

Good day, 

Does QPR UI supports automatic refresh of dashboards?



This should be doable by having an HTML presentation object with javascript that reloads the page. Something like this:

    setTimeout(function () { 
    }, 30 * 1000);

The "30 * 1000" in the script above determines the time. More specifically, "30" will define that the view will reload every 30 seconds.

Thank you very much for your response, Teemu. How does one create a "HTML presentation object"?

I think I have made blunder. I created a HTML presentational object in a panel and added the code. Now the whole QPR UI is shwoing after logging in. The login page just remains

What do you mean "the whole QPR UI is showing after logging in"? By the way, be careful not to set the timer too short, otherwise you won't be able to change it again before the page refreshes.

I had set timer too short hence I was having issues.

Will the javascript code affects only the view that it is in or the whole UI?