QPR UI 2018.2 released

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QPR UI 2018.2 released

QPR UI 2018.2 has been released with the following major new features:

  • There is a new presentation object Editable data grid, which can be used to input data to QPR Suite. For example, Metrics measure values and QPR Portal actions can be edited using the new presentation object. It's also possible to set advanced validation rules, which show informative messages when user is trying to input invalid data, e.g. missing or out of range values.
  • Tables in Data grid presentation objects can now be exported as Excel, Word and PDF files. Exporting is enabled by a separately installed Data Grid Export Add-on which generates documents in the server side.
  • Data grids have new events "click" and "double click" that can be bound to actions to change context variables and run queries. For example, Data grid row can be set as a clickable link to another QPR UI view.
  • New Dataset tag has been added to use datasets to QPR UI charts. When the new tag is used in the chart JSON settings, it's possible to map columns in the data to chart axes flexible way allowing for example bubble charts with Z axis (bubble size) or have dynamically changing number of series.

QPR UI 2018.2 can be downloaded from the QPR UI Wiki.

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