QPR UI 2017.8 released

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QPR UI 2017.8 released

QPR UI 2017.8 has been released with the following major new features:

  • Profiling Events Analysis as pie chart is available in PAPO.
  • New simplified user interface for defining datasets based on queries to QPR Suite and QPR ProcessAnalyzer. In future datasets can be used by presentation objects, such as charts and datagrids. Now datasets can be used in the Repeater presentation objects.
  • QPR UI installer has been improved. For example it's possible to define port number for QPR UI server (by default 8080).
  • Order of buttons in the presentation object toolbar has been changed. Most often used presentation objects are now on top.

Fixed bugs:

  • View SVG background was not visible in locked views.
  • PAPO Influence Analysis for Case Attributes didn't have colors when using Internet Explorer.
  • PAPO showed archived and recycled QPR ProcessAnalyzer models.

QPR UI 2017.8 can be downloaded from the Product releases page.