QPR Suite 2015.1.1 Released

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QPR Suite 2015.1.1 Released

QPR Suite 2015.1.1 is now released to all our partners and customers.

QPR Suite 2015.1.1 adds full support for Windows 10 and also fixes defects found internally and by our customers and partners.


We installed and tested QPR Scorecard at V2015.1.0 earlier this year on a test server.  Some old problems from V2012.2.1 are fixed, but others are not fixed and we have 11 new problems, all open.  One new problem was fixed.

We do not understand why:

  • the automatic scaling of ranges on graphs has been disabled (defect #222170) and
  • the vertical scale on graphs is now shown as binary numbers rather than decimal numbers (defect #222171).


We are unable to migrate to V2015 while these defects are open.


Dear Mike,

We are currently working on a generic hotfix for 2015.1.1 version which will have both of the problems fixed. This generic hotfix will most probably be released next week. We will inform you when it is available so you can test this and verify the fixes in your 2015.1.1 test environment and then proceed with the migration to 2015.1.1 version.


Mika Maliniemi


Thanks.  Too late to do it this year but will start testing in January 2016.


Generic hotfix for QPR 2015.1.1 version for the following issues can now be found from Product Releases -page in QPR Community.

- Metrics chart Y-axis tick values are drawn incorrectly
- Metrics charts have white areas in them
- Metrics pie chart is drawn incorrectly when a slice has a zero value.
- Metrics bar chart has floating bars when automatic scaling is used.


Mika Maliniemi