QPR Suite 2015 – Let us provide insight into your business

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QPR Suite 2015 – Let us provide insight into your business

QPR Software announced today that it has started distributing the new 2015 version of QPR Suite consisting of software tools for operational development: QPR EnterpriseArchitect, QPR ProcessDesigner, QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

“With the new QPR Suite 2015, organizations can embrace change arising from external business environment and internal development needs. New features have been optimized to support our customers’ needs regarding enterprise business process analysis (EBPA), enterprise architecture (EA) and corporate performance management (CPM), says Mr. Jaakko Riihinen, SVP Products & Technology at QPR Software.

“Although many of our tools can be used as standalone, an increasing number of our customers have found unmatched benefits in QPR solutions combining process business intelligence, business process management and strategy execution”, Jaakko Riihinen continues.

“Our flexible performance management tool QPR Metrics benefits greatly from new dashboarding features optimized also for handheld devices that increase the level of support strategy execution. As an example of solutions built by integrating QPR Suite 2015 products, we have introduced an unprecedented process monitoring solution, including also a new plug & play integration to SAP ERP. This solution utilizes QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessAnalyzer technology, which was granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office in April this year”, says Mrs. Maija Erkheikki, SVP, International Sales at QPR Software.

QPR EnterpriseArchitect and its process modeling focused variant QPR ProcessDesigner continue to offer new features and enhancements designed to improve process efficiency and execute strategies swiftly and efficiently.

Launched globally, QPR Suite 2015 is available in over 20 languages.

For more information please visit: http://www.qpr.com/products/qpr-suite/introducing-qpr-suite-2015


Learn more on

  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer at http://www.qpr.com/products/qpr-processanalyzer/
  • QPR EnterpriseArchitect at http://www.qpr.com/products/qpr-enterprisearchitect
  • QPR ProcessDesigner at http://www.qpr.com/products/qpr-processdesigner
  • QPR Metrics at http://www.qpr.com/products/qpr-metrics

Remember to check our new QPR 2015 Suite dedicated Product Release page under the Product Releases navigation panel (accessible for all M&S Customers and Partners).  On the page you can download the Suite, check related documentation, document your professionalism by taking QPR certified product tests, learn from the additional training material and check info on the known issues.