QPR Software in Nucleus Research CPM Value Matrix report (March 2016)

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QPR Software in Nucleus Research CPM Value Matrix report (March 2016)

QPR is mentioned as a core provider in Nucleus Research CPM Value Matrix report. Here's the extract regarding QPR:

QPR offers a host of CPM products including QPR ProcessDesigner, QPR Enterprise Architect, QPR Metrics, and QPR Process Analyzer. Much of QPR’s focus is on streamlining the data entry process through automation. This allows users to remove themselves from tedious data entry tasks so that they may focus on higher value-adding activities.

In October 2015, QPR announced the QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform that is built to enable users to perform data extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes from any database into QPR Metrics. In addition, the platform provides users with access to pre-built key performance indicators (KPI) that extract and transform information that is collected from SAP and Salesforce. In March, QPR announced that QPR Metrics now comes with a mobile interface for viewing and building dashboards.

In the future, QPR would be able to increase it Matrix positioning through investments in its user interface. Being a mature market, CPM vendors are increasingly focused on differentiating themselves via their usability. While this may be a focus on incremental benefits, it plays a key role in adoption and productivity enhancements.