QPR Software introduces QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform to help transform data into smart decisions

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QPR Software introduces QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform to help transform data into smart decisions

QPR Software announced the launch of its new integration platform for QPR Metrics, a solution to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) information from any database to QPR Metrics, one of the most flexible performance management solutions on the market. Available already from the first version of QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform, QPR offers pre-built process KPI packages for extracting and transforming information from SAP and Salesforce.

“Decision makers are struggling to make sense of the vast amount of data they get every day. QPR ensures that all essential information is included in business critical reports,” says Mrs. Maija Erkheikki, SVP, Channel Business at QPR Software. “As a unique feature, QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform will also help implementing process KPIs, such as monitoring the number of process bottlenecks and variations. We have seen that organizations often struggle with reporting of process KPIs, which are a must-have in operational excellence, supply chain management and the internal perspective of balanced scorecard. QPR IntegrationPlatform will help these organizations get reliable and relevant KPI’s in their management reports.” continues Mrs. Erkheikki.

QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform utilizes the same patented technology as QPR’s process mining software QPR ProcessAnalyzer. The patent was granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in April 2015. Contrary to mass import which just loads information, QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform provides scripts that help to extract, transform and combine the data from different sources such as SAP, Oracle and Salesforce. This makes real-time and validated information available for business critical decisions.

QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform loads data into QPR Metrics which produces different dashboards, reports, data hierarchies, and makes the information available for effective collaboration. QPR Metrics is used by organizations around the world for strategy execution, operational performance management, people performance management and quality management.

For more information about QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform, please visit: http://www.qpr.com/products/qpr-metrics/integration-and-reporting

About QPR Software
Founded in 1991, QPR Software Plc is a publicly listed software vendor (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki) providing world-class solutions based on performance and process management, process mining, and enterprise architecture. We help our customers become business leaders by providing them with the insight needed to make informed decisions to outsmart competition.
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