QPR ranked among the best in Gartner EBPA MarketScope

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QPR ranked among the best in Gartner EBPA MarketScope

QPR Software is ranked in the best tier used in the Gartner Inc’s MarketScope for Enterprise Business Process Analysis report with the rating “Positive”. According to Gartner, the potential customers should consider vendors in this category as a viable choice for their strategic or tactical investments.

“We are delighted and excited to receive this positioning and recognition by Gartner, as we strongly believe that comprehensive management of operations, not just in process or system development context, is a necessity in the current competitive environment for more and more organizations. QPR can offer a comprehensive portfolio covering enterprise architecture, business modeling, automated process discovery and corporate performance management”, says QPR CEO Jari Jaakkola.

According to Gartner’s definition, Enterprise business process analysis (EBPA) is the discipline of business modeling aimed at transforming and improving business performance, with an emphasis on cross-viewpoint, cross functional analysis and strategic and operational process-related decision support. It is aimed at improving business outcomes. EBPA is based on the principles of collaboration; short cycle delivery; lightweight, but robust modeling; and model governance.

“In our offering development we have focused on supporting various business transformation and operational development cases such as mergers, changes in business models, and IT investments. Working closely with our customers we recognized early the need for business-outcome driven solutions”, Jaakkola continues. 

The Gartner EBPA MarketScope evaluated the Enterprise business process analysis marketplace and depicts Gartner’s analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace. Gartner evaluated the EBPA vendors on the following criteria: Product/Service, Overall Viability (Business Unit, Financial, Strategy, and Organization), Market Understanding, Offering (Product) Strategy, Business Model, Innovation, and Customer Experience, with the latter two receiving a higher weighting.

QPR received the “Positive” evaluation, which was the best category achieved in this MarketScope. Vendors in this category demonstrate strength in specific area. Their existing customers should continue planned investments and potential customers consider these vendors as viable choice for their strategic or tactical investments, while planning for known limitations.

In January QPR Software released QPR Suite 2014, which includes the software tools for enterprise architecture, business process analysis and performance management, as well as a practical supporting methodology, the QPR Enterprise Architecture based Operational Development Model. 

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Can we get a copy of the Gartner report to show our clients? Or any independent web site were they can check the information by themselves?

Hi Ronei, you find it here in the QPR Community by searching with "EBPA".