QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.8 and QPR UI 2018.8 released

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.8 and QPR UI 2018.8 released

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.8 and QPR UI 2018.8 have been released!


  • Custom Dashboard Development: Create fantastic dashboards in less than 1 minute!
  • Improved KPI Analysis: Now also supports Area, Bar, Donut, Line and Spline Charts.
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer FrontPage: Easy navigation between various pre-built process mining functionalities and analysis.

Details about new features:

  • New types of charts have been added to the KPI Analysis in PAPO. In addition to the previously available column chart and table presentations, there are now bar, donut, area, line and spline charts. (more information)
  • Tool palette contains now items for each QPR ProcessAnalyzer analysis making it easier to create dashboards with different analyses. The analyses have also needed context variables predefined so that settings are saved to the dashboard.
  • Duration Influence Analysis is now calculated in the memory which makes it significantly faster than previously when it was calculated in the SQL Server.
  • Views and panels can now be organized into folders allowing to manage them more easily. You can for example create folder to be a team workspace which all users can use. In this initial release, the folders screen is accessed in the workspace screen by replacing "home" with "folders" in the url. (more information)
  • The folders screen also allows to export views, and there isn't a need any more to publish a view to be able to export it. Also unused panels can now be deleted from the system.
  • View "identifiers" have been extended into "paths", which combines the folder path and view identifier. View identifiers need to be unique in the containing folder, and not anymore in the whole environment.
  • Views can now use the latest version of panels, meaning that when a new panel version is created, it's automatically in use in views that use the latest version. It's still possible to use a selected panel version. When QPR UI 2018.8 is taken into use, all pre-existing views still link to a selected version, and to change the linking to a latest version, a panel needs to be reselected to the view.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.8 can be downloaded from the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Wiki, and QPR UI 2018.8 can be downloaded from the QPR UI Wiki.

Note for QPR UI implementation quering data from QPR Suite: QPR UI automatically converts data to numbers if the data appear to be numerical. In QPR UI 2018.6 and earlier, there is a bug, where conversions leading to number zero where not done, but the values where kept as string. Starting from UI 2018.7, also zeros are converted properly, which in some dashboards changes the behavior how data is handled. There are plans to use datatypes provided by QPR Suite, so that no conversions need to be done in QPR UI. (more information)