QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.4 released

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.4 released

A new version of QPR ProcessAnalyzer has been released with important new updates to the Key Process Mining tool.

Here's a quick look at key features of QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.4:

ODBC driver support for QPR ProcessAnalyzer: Use external data sources to create a dynamic model that is updated everytime the model is loaded. Using the ODBC driver, the model data can be accessed from a separate data source. All the event data information can be defined in JSON format allowing for automatic model creation 

KPI Analysis: A new analysis is added to QPR ProcessAnalyzer. KPI Analysis utilizes the KPI expression engine for creating visualizations of data. KPI Analysis is a fully fledged analysis that can be used in conjuction with the existing QPR ProcessAnalyzer analysis for more focused results. In addition, KPI Analysis is available as a separate QPR UI view for creation of dashboards that present real-time data taken from QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

Tabular Analysis results updated with data types: Analysis featuring tabulated data are now automatically updated with correct data types. Automatic data types allow for exporting the data in a format that can be used in other compatible tools as the data types are automatically defined into the data.

If you want to see what these features look like in action, please see the webinar recording here (https://community.qpr.com/videos/webinar-whats-new-qpr-processanalyzer-20184)

If you want to download the newest version for your use, please click here: (https://community.qpr.com/node/888)

For more information on the new features and others included in QPR ProcessAnalyzer, please visit the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Wiki. (https://devnet.onqpr.com/pawiki/index.php/QPR_ProcessAnalyzer_Wiki)