QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.9 released!

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.9 released!

A new version of QPR ProcessAnalyzer has been released with important new updates to the Key Process Mining tool.

Here's a quick look at what has been added to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.9:

The Filtering system on the WebUI has been updated. The user can now easily rename filters, add specific permissions to control privacy of the filters and delete filters easily. The filtering system has an improved
interface for easier handling of the filters. 

New Expression language for KPI calculation. This new language allows power users to create analysis that are customized to their needs and creates the possibility for caluclating KPIs inside the server core. This JSON based language
allows users to take their analysis functions even further.

Other improvements in this release include performance improvements and further development of the in-memory mode.

These features and many more other improvements make the QPR ProcessAnalyzer greater than before!

If you want to see what these features look like in action, please register for our webinar on 20th of December, 1.00pm (EET).

If you want to download the newest version for your use, please click here.

For more information on the new features and others included in QPR ProcessAnalyzer, please visit the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Wiki.