QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.7 released!

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.7 released!

New version of the Leading Process Mining Tool has been released!

The biggest feature in this release is the introduction of a New In-Memory core for Process Analysis calculation. This server-side improvement can improve Analysis Performance speed up to 20 times faster than previous releases*. This is achieved by offloading the memory functions directly to the application server where in the previous versions of the software, the SQL server handledthe workload. This release also features different bug fixes and performance improvements, aiming to improve your process analysis experience. Combining these features with the new WebUI platform release, the implementation of your data for analysis and improvement is smoother than ever.

If you want to see what these features look like in action, please register for our webinar on 4th of October, 1.00pm (EEST).

If you want to download the newest version for your use, please click here.

For more information on the new features and others included in QPR ProcessAnalyzer, please visit the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Wiki.

*Based on the benchmarks ran on QPRs test server environment. Actual performance may vary depending on the hardware configuration of the server.