QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.2 released!

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.2 released!

Here's a list of the main new features:

  • Updated features
    • Performance optimizations into PA database. 
    • Improved messages to SQL Queries. 
    • Implement importSalesforceQuery support for TLS 1.1. Note that the support from PA Salesforce Integration service has been discontinued. 
    • Make it possible to transfer the contents of a filter efficiently to MobileDashboard.
  • New in MobileDashboard
    • Introducing In-Memory Mode
      • Using the 'In-Memory Mode' toggle, users can download snapshot of the data on their device, allowing them to perform calculations and analysis locally, and up to 3x times faster without requiring internet connection for that session.
    • Introducing Variation Analysis
      • Now, Variation Analysis is available in MobileDashboard to go along with the Flowchart Analysis.
  • Updated in MobileDashboard
    • Improved layout algorithms for Flowchart/Duration Analysis
    • Server back-end for ProcessAnalyzer uses latest mature release
    • Adds improvements to UX elements
    • Minor performance improvements
    • Various minor UI improvements
    • Stability improvements

For software downloads, please go to QPR ProcessAnalyzer Product Release page.

For more details, please visit the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Wiki.