QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.2 released!

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.2 released!

Version 2016.2 brings the following new capabilities:

  • The QPR ProcessAnalyzer Service can now be activated manually via email to QPR Customer Care. 
  • The Influence Analysis now has a new setting "Weighted by Case Cost" for adding case-specific weights for individual cases. 
  • The filter definitions are now available for all filter types in the Filter Rule Properties dialog. 
  • The analyses information in cell A1 now includes total processing time of the analysis, Project name, User name, and Filter rules. 
  • The Excel Log is now in use by default. 

For software downloads, please go to QPR ProcessAnalyzer Product Release page.  

For more detailed release and bug fix information, please go to our QPR ProcessAnalyzer Wiki