QPR Portal Mouse Wheel Page Scroll

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QPR Portal Mouse Wheel Page Scroll

QPR Portal 2015.1 how can i change the mouse wheel from zoom to page scroll, the same as QPR 7.4

Hi Markus, sorry that you had to wait the answer a while. According to our customer care, that after we introduced the details pane, the mouse scroll will zoom in and out on the flowchart.  

If user wants to have the old experience, they can disable the details pane from QPR Portal settings, and then the mouse scroll will do page scroll when scrolling on the details view.

I hope this will help you getting forward!

Hi Jyrki, thank you for the answer but it doesn't realy help.

The Setting "Default details pane mode: Disabled" blocks the mouse wheel zoom but i can not page scroll in the graph window. I can scroll the whole page when the browser window is very small but i can not see all of the process. Is there a way to scroll in the graph window with mouse wheel?

Hi Markus,

The current UX for diagram views has been unified with web standards like Google Maps. So mouse wheel is zoom and you can drag the diagram in all directions with mouse right button down. This same functionality will be unified also to Metrics dashboards in 2016.1 release.

To change current functionality you would need to customize and write some Javascript to the Portal.


Hi Kari, thank you for the answer.

I have no idea of javascript. So we will have to use the current functionality. I think this is the best way for future.