QPR Partners all over the World meet this week under the theme: Long term success together – It’s all about our community!

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QPR Partners all over the World meet this week under the theme: Long term success together – It’s all about our community!

We are delighted and  & excited to host our biggest  Reseller event of 2014 this week in Helsinki where our resellers are joining for our traditional QPR Partner Summit.  

Tuesday is dedicated for performance management, Wednesday for our Partner Program, Thursday for business process modeling and analysis and Enterprise Architecture, and on

Friday we have a round table discussion for our Enterprise Architecture Value-Added-Resellers.

The days consist mostly of discussions and workshops since collaboration and networking are the main benefits partners feel they get from the event.


When materials from the Summit will be available? I've seen couple of presentations uploaded and available from Search, but I haven't found full material pack yet. Is it hiding somewhere here or is it not yet finalized?

The materials have been uploaded, still a couple of them are missing but will be uploaded soonest. The materials have been uploaded as individual files instead of one package. You can find the materials with search term "partner summit 2014". Some of the workshop materials had only question slides, so these have not been uploaded since they don't have any information. If you think those should be uploaded as well, please let us know.

As a tip the best way to find all Partner Summit materials is to use search term "Partner Summit 2014" and use those quotes in the search field as well. The results page will also show materials that have that string in them, but if you then click on a presentation, you'll be able to select the Partner Summit 2014 -tag on the right side of the page (it has a greenish background). Clicking this tag will bring you only those resources that have that exact tag, which are the summit 2014 materials.

Yes, somewhat laborsome, but we're hoping to improve this in the future.

I think the best improvement to this would be to add the materials as a complete .zip file.

Packaging them in one closed .zip file would limit their visibility only to one use case: QPR Partner Summit 2014.  As independent resources sharing the QPR Partner Summit 2014 tag in addition to many others, they can be searched and found also by many other angels, and such responded to far more use cases and needs than only one.

I still think that you could do both and get the best of all worlds.