QPR MobileDashboard release 2016.6 is out

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QPR MobileDashboard release 2016.6 is out

The new release is introducing the following features:

- 3 integration possibilities:

  • Embed hyperlinks to QPR MobileDashboard views in any application capable of storing and opening a URL.
  • Include external content in a view, such as QPR Portal or intranet.
  • Embed hyperlinks in QPR MobileDashboard table cells.
  • Common authentication facilitates seamless transitions between applications within QPR Suite.

- Federated authentication: QPR MobileDashboard can be used in cloud environment and users can log with company credentials to QPR MobileDashboard.

- Possibility to create push buttons in QPR ProcessAnalyzer presentation objects, i.e. buttons in panels with execution.

- Context editor: use of different data sources in the same view, where you can change different data even if coming from different sources. This allows for example to compare two models from two scorecards in same view).

- QPR MobileDashboard available as an Android app in Google Play.

We have also fixed some defects, such as some unresponsiveness problems in demo.qpr.com.

You can download the new release from QPR Community Product releases page