QPR MobileDashboard 2017.5 will be released 4.7.2017

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QPR MobileDashboard 2017.5 will be released 4.7.2017

QPR MobileDashboard 2017.5 will be released 4.7.2017 with the following new features.

New process mining features for QPR MobileDashboard:

  • In PAPO (QPR ProcessAnalyzer presentation object), Variation analysis can be used also in the Control window. It allows selecting variations to compare them for example in the Influence Analysis.
  • New analysis types are available: Cases Analysis, Events Analysis and Event Type Analysis.
  • Flowchart visibility settings have been arranged into different KPI groups: Case Count KPI's, Duration KPI's and Cost KPI's.

New QPR MobileDashboard generic features:

  • Repeat content is a new presentation object, which is used to dynamically instantiate variable amount of presentation objects. The repetition is based on data from a query where each row is repeated once. For example, there can be as many charts as there are Metrics measures to show.
  • Dashboard have now basic permission control, where users can be divided into two groups, dashboard designers and dashboard viewers. Designers have permissions to edit and create new dashboards, whereas viewers can only open and view dashboards.
  • Usage of context variable reference tag has been unified across all presentation objects. There is also a new syntax where it's possible to use different types of encodings depending where the reference is used, such as in JSON or XML code.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed issue where panels where collapsed unreadable in mobile mode and sometimes also in desktop mode.
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to click upper area of presentation objects.
  • Fixed issue where data grid returns to first page when clicking on vertical scrollbar up or down buttons.

Have a great summer!

It took two more days of hard work, but it is there now.