QPR MobileDashboard 2017.4 released

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QPR MobileDashboard 2017.4 released

QPR MobileDashboard 2017.4 has been released with the following major new features:

  • It's possible to change following graphical layout settings for dashboards: view background color, space between panels (view inner margin), space between view border and panels (view outer margin), panel background color, space between presentation objects (panel inner margin), space between panel border and presentation objects (panel outer margin), panel border color, panel border width and border corner radius.
  • PAPO contains Influence analysis for case attributes shown in a table format. PAPO also has changeable analysis settings for Variation, Profiling and Duration analyses. In addition, it's possible to use Profiling analysis (distribution of case attribute values) and Duration analysis in the Control window. Also buttons in PAPO have been rearranged more logically.
  • Data grid's popup menu supports selecting multiple rows and cells. List of selected cells or rows can be stored to context variables.
  • View contains an aspect ratio flex setting which determines how much view's aspect ratio is allowed to change from the designed in different type of screens. This enables the view to scale reasonably in different devices. Note that in the design (unlocked) mode, view uses the designed aspect ratio, and in the locked mode the aspect ratio is adjusted for the screen.
  • Data security improvement: QPR MobileDashboard user session expires after configured amount of time requiring a new login. If the expiration time has not been changed by an administrator, the default expiration time is 30 minutes.
  • New confirmation questions e.g. for deleting views and bookmarks to avoid deleting information unintentionally.
  • QPR MobileDashboard version number is moved from the login screen to the Workspace screen's settings.

QPR MobileDashboard 2017.4 can be downloaded from the Product releases page.

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