QPR MobileDashboard 2017.1 released

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QPR MobileDashboard 2017.1 released

QPR MobileDashboard 2017.1 has been released with following new features:

  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object (PAPO) has been developed further, and now it fulfills criteria for production system quality (i.e. it's not a prototype anymore). More information about PAPO can be found in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Wiki.
  • All system context variables have prefix "sys:", e.g. "dashboard" is now "sys:dashboard". Please add this prefix to your existing links to QPR MobileDashboard. System context variables are context variables that have a system defined behavior, which is described in the documentation (Help button). List of all system context variables: sys:dashboard, sys:sessionId, sys:eapdModel, sys:eapdElementType, sys:eapdElement, sys:metricsModel, sys:metricsScorecard, sys:metricsElement, sys:metricsValueSettings, sys:referenceDate, sys:hideViewHeader, sys:showVersionNumbers.
  • Dashboards user interface has been streamlined, e.g. lock icon is removed and view and panel names are case sentitive (not capital anymore).
  • By default, view and panel version numbers are hidden. They can be shown, like in earlier versions, by adding context variable sys:showVersionNumbers (with value "true").
  • Possibility to hide view header using context variable sys:hideViewHeader (with value "true"). Note, that when view header is not visible, views cannot be edited.
  • New setting to hide panel headers.

QPR MobileDashboard 2017.1 can be downloaded from the Product releases page.

Please also see the QPR MobileDashboard Online Demo (username: qpr, password: demo)