QPR MobileDashboard 2016.5

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QPR MobileDashboard 2016.5

The leatest release can be downloaded from the Product Releases pages.

With the new release many defects have been fixed, including some corrections to the Apple store application.The new release also addresses some issues regarding the import/export definition.

The new release has also been installed to demo.qpr.com and od.qpr.com.

The 2016.6 release is planned for end of September 2016.

Should this release come automatically to my iPhone's App Store's Updates-section?

No. The app and the QPR MobileDashboard itself are two different things. The app uses the QPR MobileDashboard version that is installed on the server to which you connect with the app. The app itself gets updates separately later.

Thanks for the clarification!

One question regarding the demo cases.

If I use a blank QPR database and the Banking Demo File (BSC Capital Bank.zip) from https://community.qpr.com/node/2089 only two out of ten qprmdb-files are populated with values.Is this correct or am I doing it wrong?

Did you import Metrics periods to MobileDashboard? In My Workspace, click Import periods and select the Capital Bank model.

Hi Olli,I did not import the values before asking.I wasn|t even realizing the button. After importing, the dashboards work as desired.Now I need to understand how this import periods works...

When you import periods from a Metrics model into MobileDashboard, the periods are matched by name, and only those periods are added to MobileDashboard which do not yet exist there. For example, if you already have a period named "Q1 / 2016" in MobileDashboard and the Metrics model from which you are importing the periods also contains a period named "Q1 / 2016", the period is not updated in MobileDashboard and a "copy" of the "Q1 / 2016" period from Metrics is not created. If you didn't have that "Q1 / 2016" period in MobileDashboard, it would be added.