QPR MobileDashboard 2016.3.0 released

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QPR MobileDashboard 2016.3.0 released

QPR MobileDashboard 2016.3.0 has been released. When updating your QPR MobileDashboard please remember to export your files before the update and import them after.

The new release contains the following new features:

  • Multiple value series
  • Conditional formatting (cell background color - gradient color, traffic lights)
  • Integration to QPR ProcessAnalyzer
  • Static formatting of columns (e.g. change to %)
  • Arabian right-to-left support

Appl App Store will also soon publish the QPR MobileDashboard app.

Various bug fixings have also been done. Check the new release from the Product Release page.

Hello Jussi. Where can I find a complete documentation for QPR mobile dashboard? Incl. features, user's guide and pricing? Br, Thomas

Hi Thomas. We will be holding a partner sales training webinar regarding QPR MobileDashboard on Thursday 28th of April. You should have received an invitation. Currently all our material is available in the Product release page and we will have more next week.

QPR MobileDashboard is an add-on for QPR Metrics, so there's no separate pricing, provided that you're using the latest QPR Metrics 2015.1.1 version. The product itself has a tutorial, but we're also developing more training material.