QPR Metrics Portal Analysis View

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QPR Metrics Portal Analysis View

Hi good-day, 

Lets say I have a scorecard called "John Doe", below that I have two sub-scorecards called "Operational" and "Financial". Under Operational I have a list of measures but I want to show the measure and the scorecard name which would be "John Doe" and measure name "Downtime". How can I accomplish this?

So Downtime-measure is in a different scorecard than John Doe?

How would you like to show this information in the Analysis view in the Portal? Is it e.g. so that the John Doe and similar scorecards are as rows and then Downtime and similar measures are as columns?

1) Yes it is, Downtime is under the Operational scorecard. I want it to show eg. John Doe - Downtime - ACT value, TAR value. All on the same row. Even if I can reference the Operational measures under the Name "John Doe" 

How can I reference the operational measures to the farm performance names (John Doe, Jane Doe, Jack, etc) so I can use the Template if possible?

I would build this the same way our example on the demo server --> Retail Company -model, Store benchmarking view (select all scorecards in the scorecard hierarchy pane). This link will work for the QPR 2015.1 demo server.

You can get the model from the demo server database and check how the view has been built by using a special value setting for the top elements, and then check from the demo server Portal how the view has been built by "show designer".

Hi Riina thank you very much for your feedback. Quick question, I have the period, actual value and element name as individual columns and I wanted to show the latest value at the top .How can I achieve this?.eg 

Scorecard                     Element                    Period                 Act

John Doe                     Downtime               W10/2016             45

Jane Doe                     Downtime                 W5/2016             50

Anna Doe                   Downtime                 W52/2015            20

Hi Winston,

you can sort the columns by clicking the column header. That will sort the results either by descending order or ascending order and you can change the order by clicking the header again. So in this case try clicking the Period header so that you get the results sorted from newest to oldest.

Hi Janne,

I tried doing that but it was sorted incorrectly, It started at:





For your information something that you can try.

These templates make a difference with sorting/ordering.
If you use default as sorting value, the orderings should be similar as in Metrics client.

One can use e.g. -lastmodifieddate, lastmodifieddate or default.

<#SetTemplateParameter id="OQ_sort" value="-lastmodifieddate,name">

<#Hierarchy roottag="1" dynamic="3" first="0" maxcount="200" where='' hierarchy="measures" fields="hierarchy,prettyvalueandperiod,rangecolor,trendicon,actionheaders,addaction" sort="default" configuration="measurehierarchyfields.ini">

Custom ordering
Choose custom order in Metrics client and drag one by one the measures to the parent element starting from the first one.
When they are in correct order Portal should show them in that same order if none templates of the Portal has been changed.
In this case Portal will by default use same ordering as Metrics if you do not click sorting of the columns in portal.

Working with Elements in the Scorecard Navigator
Sorting Elements

Metrics user guide
To sort elements in the hierarchy, select the Sort item from the pop-up menu (the menu can be opened by right-clicking the navigator area) of the hierarchy tree. There are three sorting options available:

1. By Name (default). When this option is selected, elements of the same hierarchy level are automatically sorted in an alphabetical order. If measure elements are references with the same name from different scorecards, they are sorted by their original scorecard according to the sorting option set for those in the Model Navigator. If there are still measure elements exactly with the same name, they are sorted by their identifiers.
2. By Identifier. When this option is selected, measure elements of the same hierarchy level are automatically sorted in the alphabetical order of their identifiers. Elements that have no identifier (linked elements, information items) are sorted by theirnames alphabetically.
3. Custom Order. When this option is selected, elements are not sorted automatically. However, you can sort measure elements by dragging and dropping them on their parents – if a measure element is dragged with the mouse and released over its parent, it is moved as its last child in the hierarchy. You can also move elements and information items freely to different locations in the hierarchical structure. Grab the item which you want to move with the left mouse button, drag it to the new location and release the mouse button to drop it there.
The sorting order set this way is saved to the QPR Metrics Server and applied to the element hierarchy in all scorecards of the current model. The analysis view for all scorecards of this model in QPR Portal uses the same sorting order too.

Additional details. The measureanalysisframeview.tpl is for Analysis view and measurehierarchytreeview.tpl is for Navigator view. "In this case Portal will by default use same ordering as Metrics if you do not click sorting of the columns in portal." this was when I tested Navigator view and related template. With a quick test it seems that Analysis view adapt at least the sorting value default.