QPR EnterpriseArchitect ArchiMate 3.1 Add-on 2019.1.0 Released

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QPR EnterpriseArchitect ArchiMate 3.1 Add-on 2019.1.0 Released

As all know we got the ArchiMate 3 certificate for QPR EnterpriseArchitect 2019.1.
Now our official ArchiMate 3.1 Add-on package is available. The following improvements are contained in this package:

- ArchiMate 3.1 template
- ArchiMate 3.1 template with example viewpoints 
- ArchiMate 3.1 MEFF Export 
- ArchiMate 3.1 MEFF Import

Other included material:
- The ArchiMate 3.1 examples.qpream file contains the exaple diagrams used in the ArchiMate 3.1 specification
- The y195 ArchiMetal Case Study, Version 3.1.pdf is a publication of the Open Group - a fictional ArchiMate case study.
- The ArchiMetal.xml file is in ArchiMate model exchange file format (MEFF) and can be used to test the import MEFF script.
- The ArchiMetal.qpream file is ArchiMetal.xml imported to a QPR EnterpriseArchitect model.

The package is available to be downloaded (also soon from Community/Product Releases/Suite 2019.1 page):