QPR EAXpress version 2014 is out

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QPR EAXpress version 2014 is out

Helsinki – QPR launched today a new version of QPR EAXpress, the software tool offering the benefits of QPR EnterpriseArchitect as a standalone version.

QPR EAXpress is the perfect tool for mobile professionals who need a powerful single user solution enabling a fast start in managing all enterprise architecture layers and dimensions as well as performing gap analysis.

For process oriented customers QPR EAXpress delivers business process architecture modeling and analysis and additionally the possibility to supplement these with information and ICT system descriptions. QPR EAXpress also enables the creation, maintenance and navigation of enterprise architecture drastically faster than mere drawing tools.

QPR EAXpress comes with an integrated methodology; the QPR’s Enterprise Architecture based QPR Operational Development Model. This template is not only a full blown EA meta-model but also a very pragmatic and business oriented way to support operational development within the organization. The model does not force customers to adopt any new philosophies or paradigms, but instead helps the current operational development function perform more efficiently.

For more information on the following topics, please visit our web pages:
• QPR enterprise architecture offering: www.qpr.com/ea
• QPR EAXpress: www.qpr.com/eaxpress
• QPR Enterprise Architecture based Operational Development Model: www.qpr.com/odm
• QPR EAXpress can be purchased from QPR Software’s online store at store.qpr.com

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