QPR E-mail error

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QPR E-mail error

Please I could not correct this QPR email error:

  • - 16:31:13    4210    05/29/17    UMS    Error    ID:7696    EIdSocketError: CAlert.Alert    Socket Error # 10060 Connection timed out.


  • - 16:31:13    4219    05/29/17    UMS    Error    ID:7696    CUserManagementServer.SendEMailAlert    Sending e-mail alert failed : Unable to send e-mail message

Have you configured the SMTP settings in QPR Configuration Manager? Those are found from Common - General settings in QPR Configuration Manager. After the settings are in place, QPR Service needs to be restarted.

Note that in order to send email notifications from QPR, the users must have a email address defined in QPR User Management Client.