QPR 2016.1 and Windows 10/ IIS 10

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QPR 2016.1 and Windows 10/ IIS 10

Can anybody help me wth this?

I just installed QPR 2016.1 in my new laptop with Windows 10. The clients work well but the Portal does not work with IIS 10. Is there any way to implement a demo laptop with QPR 2016.1 and Windows 10?

Thanks and best regards

Luis Heresi

Thanks you Annina for your help. 

The QPR KnowledgeBase say the following: "QPR Web Services Foundation is supported only on Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0 - 8.5. Additionally, the guys of customercare wrote me the following in a mail: 

Hey Luis,"The system requirements can be found from the following URL:http://kb.qpr.com/qpr2016-1/installation_components_and_ba.htmYou can see from there that the IIS 10 is not supported in 2016.1 version so we cannot guarantee that it will work 100%But Windows 10 is supported in 2016.1 version. End of quote.

So, I am confused. Should QPR Portal work wll with IIS 10 in QPR Suite 2016.1?  

Thanks you again

Luis Heresi

Hi Luis,


We have done limited tests with IIS10 all the way to QPR 2012.2, and have noticed no problems, therefore we believe it should work.

Please send an email to customercare@qpr.com and lets take a look together.

- Janne Kallio, QPR CustomerCare




I have all QPR v2015.1, QPR v2016.1 & QPR v2017.1 in Windows 10 Creators Update, so IIS is definitely v10. I should say all 3 QPR instances works well with metrics client and web portal client.