Powerpoint export in QPR Portal

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Powerpoint export in QPR Portal

What are the version requirements of MS Office (Powerpoint and Excel) to use Powerpoint export in  QPR Portal in QPR Suite 2015 ? I have MS Office version 2007 and the "Export to Powerpoint" function does not work.  On the contrary Excel export seems to work appropriately.

The PowerPoint export itself has nothing to do with the version of MS Office you have installed. If PowerPoint export doesn't work, there may be something wrong with the QPR Web Service. I suggest you contact QPR Customer Care in this issue.

Is your PowerPoint working now? If not, have you tested QPR Web Services and verify they are working? Are you using 32 or 64-bit Microsoft Office? If its 64-bit, you need to have QPRAfMOSetup_x64.exe installed.

Thanks you both for your help. We had a problem wirh Web Services. My PowePoint is working properly now.