Possible issues when installing QPR Suite servers to systems with Microsoft Office

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Possible issues when installing QPR Suite servers to systems with Microsoft Office

Some cases have come to our attention, where Microsoft Office applications have failed to start after QPR Suite Servers have been installed. In these cases resolving the situation has required reinstalling the Microsoft Office.

The precise combination of factors, where this occurs, is yet unclear. However, all known cases have occurred with QPR Suite 2019.1, Windows 10 and no previous QPR Suite server installation of any version.

The issue has not been reproduced in our tests, and at least in the vast majority of cases, the aforementioned combination works fine. However, until the issue is better understood, it would be prudent to exercise caution when installing the QPR Suite servers, where there is an existing Microsoft Office installation and no previous QPR Suite server installations. The obvious precautionary measure would be to prepare for an Office reinstallation in the unlikely event that this issue occurs.

The are no know issues of this kind related to installing QPR Suite clients.

If you do encounter any issues of this kind, please report them to customercare@qpr.com, as this will help us to further pinpoint the factors behind this.

We have experience the same problem with SQL express after configurating the ODBC driver.

From my experience it is strongly points to ODBC driver version. Would it be possible to use newer versions of ODBC?



Thank you for the suggestion. It does indeed seem that the ODBC driver that comes with the QPR Suite server installation is the likely culprit. The plan is to have a hotfix available soon, that addresses the issue.