People Performance Management added as a new solution area

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People Performance Management added as a new solution area

We are happy to announce that People Performance Management has been added as new solution area to the QPR Community Taxonomy.  

People Performance Management can be understood as activities where managers and employees together plan, monitor and review employee’s contribution to the organization. Typical management areas included are employee effectiveness, competencies, incentives and rewards, individual targets and goals, performance metrics, strategic alignment, and talent management.

Benefits of people performance management include, among others, ability to steer employee development so that in-house competencies and performance support business, enhanced corporate performance by aligning employees’ objectives and target competencies with company goals and objectives, getting the right people in the right position, and improved employee motivation by transparently aligning employee objectives with company objectives motivates staff.

All QPR Community content related to People Performance Management will be tagged with it and you can use it as a filter, when searching resources with the QPR Community Search.