PDF Printer from QPR 2014.1 for QPR 2019.1

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PDF Printer from QPR 2014.1 for QPR 2019.1

Hello together,

I have a customer using the PDF Printer for Briefing Booklets on QPR 2014.1

Now we are migrating to QPR 2019.1

Is the PDF Printer compatible with QPR 2019.1 or will there be an updated version?

Is there any alternative you would recommend?

Best Regards,


Hi Christoph,

Unfortunately the PDF printer for Portal Booklets add-on is not developed any more. The component it self is not version dependent but we have not done any official tests with Suite 2019.1.
Alternative is to use Windows PDF printers or similar if Portal Booklets are still in use. Perhaps better solution is to replace the Booklet reports with some new ones done with QPR Reporting Add-on.