PD / EU - XML shapes colored by scorecard link

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PD / EU - XML shapes colored by scorecard link

Hello together,

I have created a xml-shape for PD / EA.

Is there a possibility to define an area in the shape in a way that it can change color according to a scorecard link? (Just like the built in shapes.)

Best Regards,



I asked this from Tom Betcke, and the answer is: Yes, this is possible.

  1. Define the color for the "non-Metrics link area" with the Brush color setting.
  2. Define the "Metrics link area" to use the color defined in the graphical properties symbol, i.e. leave out the Brush color or define the color as "default".
  3. From the Web Style Dialog of the element type, select the setting for the QPR Metrics link to "Use QPR Metrics measure color as background color".

This way the Metrics link area on the shape shows the color according to the link.

Here is an example of an xml shape that can be used to show the measure color in a specific area of the shape. The first <Path> element defines the outer shape of the symbol, using a fixed color defined in the <Brush> element. The second <Path> element, which does not contain <Brush> definition, will show the measure color.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Pen style="default" width="3" color="default" />
<Brush style="solid" color="$80000000" />
<Shadow color="default" transparency="50" size="100" blur="2" angle="45" distance="10" />
<Point x="0%" y="0%" />
<Lineto x="100%" y="0%" />
<Lineto x="100%" y="height*5/6" />
<Arc x1="width/2" y1="height*4/6" x2="100%" y2="100%" startangle="0" sweepangle="180" direction="anticlockwise" />
<Arc x1="0" y1="height*4/6" x2="50%" y2="100%" startangle="0" sweepangle="180" direction="clockwise" />
<Closefigure />
<Highlight />
<Pen style="custom:5 2 10 4" width="default" color="$80FF00FF" />
<Arc x1="10" y1="10" x2="30" y2="30" startangle="0" sweepangle="360" direction="anticlockwise" />
<Point x="width/2" y="0" directions="top" />
<Point x="width" y="height/2" directions="right" />
<Point x="width/2" y="height" directions="bottom" />
<Point x="0" y="height/2" directions="left" />