Open SSL errors in WAS

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Open SSL errors in WAS


We had issues with a growing and failing WAS process.

After investigating the logs we found Eureka dumps mentioning issues like can not open /load SSL liberay.

The resolution was to copy the QPR provided older version of openSLL dll's (libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll )  from the qpr  "QPR 2017.1\Utilities" folder to the "QPR 2017.1 \Web Application Server" folder. The OpenSLL libary has had quite some updates and these updates seem to conflict with the needs/capabilities of QPR.

Hope this item can be added to to the next maintenace release.








Hi Sicco,

Thanks for letting us know about the issues and your resolution. The QPR Suite 2019.1 will come with new versions of the OpenSSL .dll files.

However, the issues you experienced are not currently known ones. Could you please send to the Eurekalog files and the description of the environment?