Multilingual modeling -Exporting translations

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Multilingual modeling -Exporting translations

I am creating translation for multilingual modelings. Is there a way to export all translations e.g. to Excel? This would be useful format to collect comments to translations.


Anybody familiar with the tool??

What do you want to know?

Thank you for asking Christoph. Just yesterday my colleguae promised to demonstrate how it works. I like the way this community works!

Hi Anna, it would be great if you at some point can share with the Community the highligts  what your colleague demonstrated to you.

Hello together,

it is me again.Yesterday I wanted to use the Translation tool in order to adjust the information item location of (quite a lot) info items in a customer model.The links need to be migrated from http://server1/docs/structure/number.ext to https://server2/completely_different_structure/different_filename.ext (example)My idea was to read out all the info item locations from the model with the translation tool, and let the customer fill out the new links.

But I found out that the information item location is not part of the actual solution.Is it possible to take the information location into this solution or do you know another way of how I could do a bulk update of info item locations.

Hi Christoph,

I just joined QPR Community today, and noticed your question. Is this issue still relevant?

I used to work at QPR as consultant, and created the translation excel back then. Unless the solution has been further improved / modified, you should be ableto add different element types and attributes to the translation. I even think I had a similar case, where info item location was changed with the tool..

The list of attributes is either on a separate worksheet in the excel, or in the code (I cannot remember). You have to add "information item location" -attribute (and remove everything else if you want to have just the URLs to be displayed). I don't recall the correct format of the attribute name, but I am sure someone at QPR could easily help you. It is based on the XML export settings file (.pgt).

Of course, things may have changed or I may recall incorrectly, but hopefully this helps you.

Hi Christoph,

I would definitely go about this by going directly at the SQL DB.

You'll find the URL in the  [AT2_VAL_MEMO] field in the [dbo].[PG_ATTRIBUTE_2] where [AT2_ATY_ID] = 25.

Ofcourse do the usual ModelId validation... A simple Update or Replace should do it from here.

Since this is basic updating and no "inter-model-work" the SQL approach should be safe.



For others than database hackers, I'd recommend exporting EA/PD data simply using Analysis views in QRP Portal. Create a view where the desired data is visible and export the view to Excel. After modifications in Excel, data can be imported back to EA/PD using EnterpriseArchitect Data Import Tool (the tool is currently available only for partners).

Another option might be to use Excel Integration script published in QPR Suite 2015.1.0 Add-on Feature Package 1. Although in QPR 2015.1 package the tool works with older QPR versions. This tool is able to do both exporting and importing, but I haven't used the tool for this kind of purpose.

Hello together,

I have just tried to use the Translation Solution with QPR 2016.1 for the first time with a customer.

I am getting some nasty "Could not convert variant of type (ByRef CleStr) into type (Integer)."

Is this my PC or a general error?

Best Regards,