Mass Data Import Into QPR Metrics

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Mass Data Import Into QPR Metrics

I am trying to perform a mass data import from an excel file. I have all the required column headings, infact I am able to import data for a monthly period but cannot do the import for a weekly period. I have tried using the exact name of the weekly period, for example "$W1/2015" in the date column of my excel file but I am getting an error stating the period cannot be found. I have also tried using the weekly date format created in the QPR periods for example, 2/02/2015 (dd/mm/yyyy) and (mm/dd/yyyy) but to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated Regards, Techguy

How about if you put the date format as

Thanks much for the reply Riina Luoso, I did tried your suggested format also but it did not work. However, what work for me was leaving out the two double quotation marks and using one single quotation mark to the left of the period format.